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Lazenby Container Co., Inc. 

 Call us at: 251-979-2382
We understand the importance for you to remain on schedule.  We recognize the cost impact you suffer by waiting on others.  That's why, when you call us, we guarantee you won't have to wait days for us to deliver or remove a container.  In most cases, we will respond to your request the same day.  Give us a call and see why so many people enjoy knowing when they need a container from Lazenby, they don't have to wait.

The Advantages of the Lazenby Delivery System are simple.  We are lighter, more manuevarable and lower in overall height than conventional delivery trucks.  Our truck, trailer and container (empty) weigh 16,000 lbs., thus reducing the chance of damaging your driveway.   We are equipped to handle any job thrown our way.  

Since we use a pick up truck to deliver our containers, you won't have to worry about leaking hydraulic oil or any other contaminants dripping onto your drive.

As with most construction sites, personal driveways, parking lots, etc. there is always limited space.  Our containers will easily fit into a parking space, due to their compact design.  They are only 14' long vs the typical 22' long container, which gives you 36% more room to work.